Affordable. Effective. Efficient.

Confidential, Personalized Dispute Resolution By An Empathetic and Experienced Attorney

  • Affordable: Flat Fees for 2 hour, ½ day and Full Day
  • Effective: You can have confidence that you will be heard and your messages conveyed to the other side
  • Efficient: If we don’t resolve your dispute that day, additional mediator time is built-in

Mediation is an effective tool to resolve disputes.

It has been built into many contracts, and most courts in Texas require the parties in a lawsuit to mediate prior to trial. Throughout her legal career, Connie has attended mediation on behalf of the Plaintiff, the Defendant, in person, via Zoom, and via telephone. She has sat next to her clients, insurance adjusters, and also by herself, being told “just call me if you need me.” She knows the behind-the-scenes on both sides that can drive a resolution and derail it.

What’s more, Connie knows that the personality and style of the mediator can sometimes be the tipping point to make or break a settlement. So while her outgoing and warm personality will remain a constant, her mediation approach will naturally change in accordance with the parties’ needs. Sometimes the parties will benefit from an opening session, a double-blind proposal, or even a bracket. Sometimes the parties need to be in person, and other times, a phone call or Zoom will work. She knows her role in the mediation is that of a neutral facilitator – the parties are in charge.

Connie Ditto

$250 per party

  • 2 Hour Mediation

$750 per party

  • ½ Day

$1600 per party

  • Full Day

Mediations are conducted at locations that are convenient for the parties and via remote technology, such as Zoom.

From catastrophic injuries and wrongful death to slip and falls and “fender-benders,” Connie has represented parties in hundreds of cases. She knows that accidents and injuries can result in complex legal issues and intricate damage models. Liens, insurance coverage issues, and ongoing medical treatment are just a few of the behind the scenes issues that can complicate these settlements. She will work with the parties to resolve these important cases so the parties can put these difficult situations behind them.

Connie has defended health care professionals and entities in malpractice actions in four states, is a nurse, and is a surgeon’s wife and the sister of two nurse practitioners. She is passionate about helping health care professionals. But that doesn’t mean she can’t be a neutral facilitator when she’s not being an advocate. What’s more, it means she is familiar with the complex and detailed statutes, caps (sometimes caps within a cap), insurance coverage issues, liens, and regulatory oversight that can complicate these very emotional cases. She will work with the parties to resolve these important cases so the parties can put these difficult situations behind them.

Construction disputes often involve numerous parties, types of claims, cross-claims, third-party claims, and complicated engineering and architectural issues. The resolution of the technical construction issues underlies numerous claims, including those for breach of contract, negligence, indemnity, contribution, additional insured status, and delay damages. Connie has experience representing general contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers and her understanding of the multi-faceted issues allows her to facilitate settlements of these complicated cases.

Also known as business litigation, Connie is an experienced commercial litigation attorney and her background knowledge of the applicable laws, as well as the motivation underly